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"VN75 : A Moment in Time"

The Gilbert Bertrand
Photojournalism NFT Collection

VN75 photo & NFT

We are proud to present the launch of VN75 NFTs.

"VN75: A Moment in Time" is a unique collection of 375 photojournalism NFTs.

This collection shows a different perspective of VietNam between 1970 and 1975.

It is a unique historical record which features 3 main themes: Portrait of a People, Montagnards, and Saigon Parade.



Each NFT is the high-definition scan of an original 35mm black & white negative. (6048x4011) 

The NFT can produce beautiful100cm x 80cm exhibition prints.

(iGCenter Bali, Indonesia)

Each NFT transfers ownership rights of the original negative, the high-definition scan and share of financial returns.

Each NFT is a ticket.

VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL safeguards the original negatives and maintains restricted rights of use.

The physical possession of these negatives authenticates the moments recorded by the camera and now blockchain...


VN75 records the timeless scenes of traditional life in the mountains among the Montagnards and in the villages of central and southern VietNam; moments that could be from many, many years ago or of tomorrow.



VN75 also records the remarkable scene as the Viet Cong army enters Saigon, a historical moment in time, unique in its context.



Among the timeless moments and the historical, Gilbert finds the fleeting: the care-free smile, a mutual glance connecting through anonymity, snapshots of the sustaining, simple pleasures of life.


All these moments are beautifully captured and reflect Gilbert's life-long love for VietNam and her people.

Ownership Conditions & Benefits

  • You are the sole owner of a unique 1 of 1 VN75 NFT.

  • VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL reserves the right of use for educational, cultural and press purposes. 65% of profits from these activities will be placed in an ETH pool for VN75 NFT owners. The disbursement method depends on the nature of the revenue stream in regard to ownership rights. For example, sale of prints from a specific NFT versus media fees from magazines promoting the whole collection.

  • In the event that the negatives are scanned at a higher resolution, the associated NFT will be minted. The NFT owner would be able to exchange their NFT, with our compliments; and the old one would be burned. (next scan at minimum 9600 dpi)

  • VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL is an education and development company based in Bali, Indonesia which invests in both business and social projects in the fields of education, culture and sports. VN75 NFT owners will have the right to join the VIVIDiNTRAGLOBAL Responsibilities Council (ViRC) as a founding member where you would regularly be asked to vote on community education projects to be pursued in Indonesia, Vietnam, Zambia and who knows where.

the fine print


The value of your VN75NFT will increase as:


1) we generate direct interest in VN75 by holding 3 photo exhibitions in 2023: Bali (March), Viet Nam (July) and France (December)

2) we generate interest in VN75 through social and traditional media; including newspapers and specialist or general interest national and international magazines.

3) VN75 NFT holders will receive a portion of profits from sale of related products such as prints, publications and publishing fees.

4) Vi continues to grow and develop its other educational and development projects.

VN75 NFT Launch & Revenue Allocation

total value of 375 VN75 NFTs at launch

> ETH5000

includes 300 Rare, 57 SuperRare, 12 Classic, 6 Iconic in 3 bundles of 2

75 VN75 NFTs listed at launch


Target A

ETH50 from sale of

50 Rare VN75 NFTs

  • mint and distribute DAO to VN75 NFT holders

  • first project vote by ViCRC 


Target B

ETH500 from the sale of

SuperRare or Classic VN75 NFTs

  • iG Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Bali


target C

ETH3000 from sale of

all 3 Iconic VN75 NFT bundles

  • VIVIDKalimantan EcoTech Urbanism project in Borneo

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