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SPIRIT: Our company name combines 2 words: vivid and intraglobal

We use intraglobal in contrast to international.

International is one of the most used words among big companies, political debate and media. International if googled returns over 4 trillion results.
Etymologically, "nation" is the root word and at the heart of the meaning of "international" in which people are sorted into groups based ultimately on being born within certain mostly artificial borders resulting from historical forces. "Inter" means "in between". International is defined as the connections and relationships between nations. It seems to acknowledge nations as being the fundamental division of people at least in the political, social and cultural arenas.

Another word to discuss is the word "interglobal" which returns over 1 billion results and very popular among transportation, technology, logistics company names. The word itself though has no meaning unless we are talking about relationships between worlds or other Earths. "interglobal" literally means "between planets" but is used incorrectly as a synonym for "international" (between nations). (notes: interplanetary, intergalactic)

Intraglobal returns 20,000 results. Though the final spherical network may look similar to the one representing international, the starting point is a fundamental difference. intraglobal starts at the globe as being the initial point of reference and recognizes a basic unity of people based on the common habitation of this planet. "intra" means "within", so intraglobal refers to relationships built between different regions and groups people on Earth but acknowledges a first overarching common ground and culture.

VIVID (382 million results)has 3 possible word associations. LCD life color dream, liquid crystal diode

LIFE Our decisions must support life: living communities within a living environment. A living environment recognizes the need for human beings to live in open spaces, among parks and nature, protect natural capital and ressources. A living community is a community that has believes in the future and has choices in the present.
This acronym also seems to point to a certain truth about our individual responsibility and the destiny of our species. We ll get back to that when discussing the purpose of education.

COLOR acknowledges and values the uniqueness of individuals and cultures. Each individual and each culture is a lens through which reality expresses itself. If reality and truth are white light, then each individual and culture is a facet of a discoball through which white light shines out into a myriad of colors of a unique shade and brightness. Multi-culturalism and appreciation of other cultures is a benefit to all. 

Dream is respect for dreams, for a person's desires and potential. Dream is the respect for each person's path and their future. Dream points to our future as a species, our path to be followed.

LIFE - Learning Is For Everyone
LIFE - Learning Is ForEver

an intraglobal culture of Renaissance citizens, social entrepreneurs and time-travellers

for profit business
education R&D
hub of education culture leisure sports

iGCenter - education internal, proprietary, own spaces, education R&D
CLCeducation - education external, partnerships, consulting and services

ETU EcoTech Urbanism - development, future ecotechnologies, ecotechnology R&D
VIVIDCapital (digital assets, natural capital and investment fund) education, social


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